30 day shred day seven

So today is day 7 of my shred and day 2 of Shretober.
If you read the blog post from earlier, my joints are feeling very sore. It was a job to get out of bed this morning.
I asked the lovely ladies in the Shretober Facebook group whether any of them had suffered joint pain, and should I continue?
I had lots of positive responses, general consensus was that muscular pain is normal, joint pain means I should probably take it down a notch.
I decided to push through it and just stop if the pain in the ankles/feet/toes/knees got too much.
I also decided to give level 2 a try as Jillian telling me that 400lb people can do jumping jacks was irritating me a little.
I actually quite enjoyed lovely 2, despite being told others didn’t like it. I enjoyed it, there weren’t as many jumping jacks (thank god!) and I found it slightly more challenging. I know I’m going to ache in a muscular way tomorrow. I am going to go and buy a proper wrist support for my poorly wrist (previous injury) because I’m pretty sure all the planking won’t be entirely helpful.
I also couldn’t really do the last set of abs in circuit 3, so instead I did the abs in circuit 3 from level one so they still ached and I felt I was doing some good. Better than not doing anything at all right?
I got hotter and a lot more sweaty. That’s a good sign, yes?
I’m also happy I pushed through and completed day 7 (2) I had been having a really bad day as far as my body image was concerned and had a little cry looking at myself in the mirror.
As my OH said all the hard work will pay off, it doesn’t happen over night. I need to be mindful of that.


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