So I’ve been M.I.A recently. For this I apologise. Shifts break me. Working 10am till 3pm then 10pm till 3am isn’t easy going. Especially when it’s 20/30 minutes travelling each journey. That’s 3 hours of travelling. That’s automatically 12 hours. The 6 hours in the afternoon are spent seeing M, catching up on business related stuff, trying to do housework, the bedtime routine and making dinner.
The 6 hours between the mornings is spent attempting to sleep… This week though I’ve been having to get up at 7… That’s a grand total of 3.5 hours sleep.
Safe to say I’ve struggled to do exercise. I have stayed on target eating wise, but exercise wise, not a hope. I’m disappointed in myself. I’m not working as much this coming week so I’m hoping (amongst several ridiculously early nights) to get back on my exercising mission. I’ve missed it.


30 day shred day 19

My plans never go to plan.
I am full of cold. Typical, but I think it’s because I’ve ran my body down in to the ground.
Anyways, I didn’t managed to shred over the weekend due to crazy work schedule. I didn’t manage to shred yesterday because I was feeling so blergh.
Today I have completed half of my new Jillian DVD, the blast fat and speed up metabolism one. That’s intense. I felt a bit weak from it all. I then shoved the 30 day shred on. Level 3. Done.
That’s a total of 40 minutes exercise so far today. If I do the other half of the DVD later on and shred again that’s 80 minutes of exercise and hopefully will help me catch up on the fact I didn’t manage to exercise over the weekend. I start another block of shifts tomorrow, the split ones. I plan on being slightly more organised on the exercise front though and scheduling in time to shred. I want to be able to take a photo of myself on Sunday and see a difference again.

UPDATE 22/10 @ 20.30
I managed to do a second shred today. Don’t know whether it’s been wise to do so. My bladder seems to be sore again. I think I’m going to have to go to the doctors again tomorrow.
I have managed to do 60 minutes of exercise today though, which is grand!

Another week another weigh day

I knew it. I knew I hadn’t. I knew I hadn’t lost weight this week. I am however stunned beyond belief that I hadn’t put on weight. Stunned because I haven’t really exercise and stunned because I’ve been a little naught.
This week has been trying for numerous reasons.
Number one being my infection, it made me feel crappy and not want to work out. The doctor even told me to take it easy.
Reason two is… We had a meal out, it was lush, it was family time, I didn’t go nuts but I didn’t overly behave.
Reason three is…. Split shifts kill me, it’s hard to eat regularly and I know for my metabolism to work properly it needs consistency.
These may seem like excuses, they aren’t. They’re genuine reasons. I’m pleased I haven’t put on, yet I’m gutted I didn’t loose.
Tomorrow I am back on track with ferociousness. I have picked a dress that I want to wear for the staff party. I have a month to get in to said dress in my desirable size.
In the words of M…. eady, seady goo!!!!
(To you and I, ready, steady go!!!!)


Exhausted. That’s right. On my second or third wind now. Awake for 23 hours working.
Slept for an hour, took other half to work.
Slept for another hour.
Got myself and M ready.
Took him to mums.
Picked M up.
Getting M ready for bed.
Pick other half up.
Put M to bed.
Shower, get ready for work.
Urgh! And I’m supposed to try and find time to not collapse in an exhausted heap and motivate myself to keep going. I tell you something for nothing now (that’s very welsh of me!) I almost threw it all down the pan today. I almost said “*^%# it!” I didn’t. Nor will I give up. My little sister came to my rescue and showed me my photos and told me to really look, told me not to throw it away, I’m doing well.
This week has been a big bloody write off really. Between being ill and my crazy work schedule. I’m also expecting to loose weight over night, my expectations suddenly became unrealistic. Must keep focused. Must keep my head in the game. Loosing inches and loosing weight is best done at a steady pace so I can maintain it.
This positive attitude to it all is so hard I bloody maintain sometimes! Argh! I’m fat and I don’t want to be. I want to wave a magic wand and it all be done. Why is it such hard work and why is life getting in the way?!?
On the plus though, my photos have inspired two people in work, I’m buying a copy of 30 day shred for them. They think I’ve done fab, as do many people, why am I failing to see it? Body dis-morphia? But that’s a whole can of worms I won’t open yet.

Back in the game!

I pushed myself. I achieved!
Level 3 boom! Shredded! Smashed! Tired? You betcha! Jeepers.

Pleased I’m back on it, I actually feel loads better for doing it. I feel revitalised, energised but a wee bit tired. I have a 12 hour day shift tomorrow followed by a 5 hour searching shift. I will be up at 0500 tomorrow and will be going to bed 0330 (all being well) Friday morning! Then I will be on splits. Joys. Exercising will be hard, I shall try though.
I have just had a lovely home made lasagne made with quorn mince, gorgeous and about 500 calories. I shall now include a photo of my oh so sweaty level three face and a picture of my luscious dinner!



A little under the weather

I am still feeling a little bit poorly today. It is day three of the anti biotics. I haven’t shredded in two days and I am feeling glum about it.

Not only am I feeling glum about that, I am generally feeling glum.

Today is a hoody and tracksuit bottom type day. Today is cuddles on the sofa with M. Today is wanting to eat that bar of chocolate I have been keeping in the fridge.


As well as feeling generally glum, the knot in my shoulder is flaring up, so movement in the shoulder is a little limited. This sucks. It hasn’t flared up in a while. This is an on going thing, I went to the doctors about it, she found it, pushed it, I screamed out, I was told there was nothing she could do. She explained it’s a build up of lactic acid in the muscle as it doesn’t really know what it’s doing. The muscle doesn’t know whether to relax or whether I am using it. She told me the worst possible thing I could do was not move it… um hello?! It’s causing excruciating agony! I will take on her words of wisdom today though.


I really want to try out my new dvd but don’t think I can muster up 40 minutes of energy. I am going to attempt to shred because not exercising is upsetting me. (Look at that sentence! It is actually upsetting me…. what’s happened to me?!)

I may give certain exercises a miss, like jumping, my poorly bladder didn’t like that on Sunday. I think another trip to the doctors may be in order this week. Although, where I will actually find the time to do this, I do not know. Another 12 hour day shift tomorrow, to then do a 5 hour searching shift. That means it is the start of a block of split shifts *dies* we can do this though can’t we?! YES WE CAN!!

Doctors orders

So I actually managed to get an appointment with the doctor today. A Monday morning and I got an appointment with a much sought after doctor for 9.20am. Unheard of in my surgery! And she was running on time.
I had my suspicions confirmed, I have a nasty old infection. There was blood and elevated levels of nitrates in my urine. I have anti biotics. Yay. So hopefully I will get better ASAP. She told me to take it easy and not to do anything to strenuous and activities I’m prone to sweat a lot in and it will make my kidneys work harder if I become dehydrated. That’s probably why after doing the shred yesterday I was feeling even worse that I already was. I’m in two minds on what to do today. I think I will do some ab work, maybe try to bits of the shred but nothing to strenuous.
To be honest, I’m amazed it’s bothered me quite as much as it has not being able to exercise properly.
In other news, look what arrived in the post today….


A new challenge! This excites me and hopefully will keep me occupied and not bored of exercise. Difference is, this is a 40 minute work out DVD, where as shred is 20…. I might wait to start this after my 30 days of shredding are up.
I think I’m planning on shredding one day and then doing this the next through out November. I’m determined to get there.
Now for some good news… A dress I bought in the summer that was fitted is loose on me! Even though I have a long sleeve Tshirt underneath, I can easily grab a handful of material. I loved this dress. I love it even more now. Comparing a photo taken in the summer with it on and now, my legs look quite a but slimmer. I’m feeling happy in my body today.