30 day shred day five

So if you’re really properly following y blog you can see that the shred has been on hold this weekend.

For one the weekend was manic between split shifts, being a mum and running 2 separate events there wasn’t actually time to do much else. That and I wanted my wrist to get a little better before continuing with the strength exercises and the push ups.

I was also supposed to go running on Sunday but as stated above there really wasn’t time. The OH is on 12 hour night shifts too so that has made it a little harder.

I have been feeling a bit crappy today. I am feeling big and sluggish and I have wanted to eat everything that is bad for me. I haven’t. I have stayed strong and not veered off course from my healthy eating.

Yesterday a colleague made a few weight related comments directed at me so that also got me in a low mood. I actually cried on my way home from work, which was sad as I had been so happy over my 4lb loss.

So that coupled with feeling a bit blergh today and also being due for the dreaded monthly I’ve been a bit horrid to be around.

It’s now 9.20pm and I have got my butt into gear and completed the 30 day shred level one work out. I am hot, I am sweaty, I am gross….

It’s made me feel fab! Endorphins are great. If only I had listened to the horrible PE teachers when I was in school maybe I wouldn’t have caused this mess for myself?
Anyways, I’m feeling happier for doing it, I’m finding it a little easier in as much as I can complete the bloody jumping jacks! I don’t care if 400lb people can do them Jillian they’re bloody hard.
So yes, that’s that. I am going rubbing tomorrow too. This excites me as I can just run and be thought free and just enjoy the music that I’ve compiled into my gym playlist.
Until tomorrow’s log post I bid you adieu.


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