30 day shred day three

Well today was day three of the work out.
OH is in days at the moment which meant so have an alarm clock blaring in my ear from 5 am, until he decides to get up at 5.20 (why he doesn’t just set the alarm for that time I will never know!) seeing as I didn’t have M at home last night I decided to get up with him and do my exercise before I had to start my non stop day of work.
This means that by 6 o’clock I was shredded.
I didn’t ache so much when I woke up today and it didn’t hurt as much as yesterday. It still hurts, my muscles definitely feel like they’re being used and abused and I’m sure they will continue to feel that way until I am used to it all.
Tomorrow is day four and I should ache a little less, but as well as it being day four, tomorrow is running day too. I may get stuck in the bath again folks.
I do feel that it is doing something though. I wish I’d taken my measurements so I could see how many inches I’m loosing.
Sunday is weigh day and I think I will be a little gutted if nothing has come off.


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