30 day shred day two

Ouch. Ouch. Ouch. *limps to seat and struggles to sit* hi there *lets out groan and I managed to sit*

How are you today?
Good good that’s good to hear, how am I you ask?
Well I’m in ******* agony! Ouchie mamma!
Well they say no pain, no gain, right?
Of there is certainly pain there better bloody well be gain!
My muscles don’t actually know what to do, the scream when I stand, they scream when I sit, the scream when I move. This is good though yeah? Please tell me this is good.
Please tell me this will all be worth it? I just about managed to complete day two, thank god M (for those unfamiliar with who M is, he’s my little toddler) was in still sleeping, there were a few swear words from my mouth and it was the same intensity level as yesterday!
Jesus wept, please tell me that this gets easier that I should stick at it and I will be incredibly proud of myself.
Always a gluten for punishment do you know what I’m going to do this afternoon?!
In going to go to the gym and make myself do the second lot of running to get to 5K yup, that’s what I’m going to do because the muscle ache isn’t quite enough for me *dies*


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