…and I’m feeling good

Today was my second visit to the gym.
I really didn’t want to go. I couldn’t be bothered but I’d told a few people I was going so I had to. Well I didn’t have to, but it was easier to go than explain I’m lazy and couldn’t be bothered.

I am so ridiculously pleased that I went! So so incredibly proud of myself. Is that sad?

I am pleased because I pushed myself beyond my limits and felt I achieved something.

I have downloaded an app which is a running trainer to 5k.
Today I completed day 1 of said running training. I have never sweated so much in my life. I am so pleased that no one bothers to use the gym in work, that would have been embarrassing in a gym full of people.


As you can see from the picture above (screenshot from my app) I have a tick to say I have completed it and it also explains what I had to do.
Doesn’t sound hard but when you’re not exactly used to exercising it was pretty bloody hard. The app was cracking though as it talked to me at intervals through out telling me when to do what and gave encouragement too, it made it all seem manageable which is the key.
I also had some fab music from my phone to listen to. All helps doesn’t it?


This is a photo I took of the running machine. It shows the time, distance and calories burned (I’m taking that one with a pinch of salt) sad isn’t it, but I took that to prove I have actually done what I said.

And are you ready to see something scary?


That’s me after completing said exercise. Haha awful photo but I felt it was needed.
After this I then moved on to some weights but started to feel wobbly so I left to go home.

I’m beyond proud and came home buzzing! Exercise is actually dare I say it? Not that bad. I think I can really get in to this. I am really quite determined and after my boss made a comment today that went something like this “some big women… No offence Em, but they look awful because they don’t dress right. Not that you look awful Em because you do take pride in your appearance”.
Yes I am a big girl. Yes I know this. Yes I do dress appropriately but I don’t want to be a big girl anymore. I want to be average. I want to like me and be happy.


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