God I am unfit

Jesus Christ… I am unfit. I am unfitter than unfit. I put the un into unfit. Look up unfit in the dictionary and you’d see me.

Yesterday was my first gym day. I am both proud that I went and deeply ashamed by how unfit I am.
It was gross and I’m so happy it’s such a private little gym in work that no bugger else (apart from the boss) goes to.
I could sweat and wheeze in peace.
I managed a good 40 minutes in the gym and I sweated for the entire thing. It was gross.
I had wanted to give up half way through and then Dj Fresh’s Louder came on and I wanted to pump more iron! (By that I mean wheeze as I was on the rower desperate to try keep a steady pace).
I was happy I accomplished something and the endorphins where great!

Today though I ache. I’m in pain as my unfit body protests.
To this I say, I shall be going back tomorrow. My body has no other option but to get on board with this.
Mind over matter and all that jazz.

I hope my positive attitude continues. I’m really ready for this and really geared up for it. Long may it continue.


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