I know you folk who are on twitter aren’t very big fans of Facebook but I saw something today that fits in to the theme of my blog. I saw this picture…


These mannequins have been out in a store in Sweden apparently and are causing outcry due to them “condoning obesity”.
I usually try and take Facebook with a pinch of salt but this really angered me. The mannequins pictures are a size 12 and a size 16. Now if I looked half as decent as the size 16 mannequin I’d be jumping for joy.

When you consider the average size of a woman is a size 14 and mannequins and usually dress size 0 or as I’ve recently learnt size 00 (how is that even a size!) these new, regular bodied mannequins are a breath of fresh air.

Social media, the media all puts far too much emphasis on being a particular size. Girls are young as 8 are worrying that they’re overweight. This isn’t right.
Bullying is going on and has a detrimental effect to how some people relate to their bodies later in life (myself included, but that’s another blog post). If these mannequins featured more, people would understand body shape, would respect people over a size 8 and perhaps stop being so bloody judgemental.

I think those mannequins are beautiful and demonstrate a healthy figure. Being a size 16 doesn’t mean your unhealthy, look at the definition on that mannequin!

What do you think?
Should we have more of these beauties around?
Do to think it would help body conscious youngsters understand we come in all shapes and sizes?


2 thoughts on “Mannequins

  1. GirlintheFatsuit says:

    Love your post and I couldn’t agree more. It represents what today’s society looks like and gives young girls with body issues. I think if a shop is going to sell plus size clothing it should show it on a plus size mannequin because what’s the deal if a size 16 top on a size 8 mannequin? People need to wake up and see that society is changing and they need to move with it. X

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