Doing it for me

Hello there!

This is a brand new blog. After writing a post on my other blog Adjusting to Motherhood basically getting a wee bit excited over purchasing trainers and a decent sports bra and finally making a decision to lose weight, for me.


I have lost weight in the past, and it was because I had made the decision. I wanted to lose weight for me and me alone.

The last time I lost a significant amount of weight was before I fell pregnant.

I felt fantastic, I could fit into jeans I hadn’t been able to in flippin’ ages. People were complimenting me, me! What a head rush that was. I felt good, I liked myself and had a bit of swagger. Then I was pregnant. Then my body changed beyond recognition. I didn’t really put weight on when I was pregnant, 4lbs. Which in the grand scheme is nothing. When M eventually arrived and I weighed myself after, I was a few pound lighter than before I fell pregnant. (He was a 9lb 14oz baby)

No one tells you how dangerously easy it is to put weight on after having a baby. Maybe that was in part due to me not breastfeeding, that burns a lot of calories. Alas that’s slightly off the point.

I snacked at odd times, I ate food I probably shouldn’t have to get me going with the energy levels. Then PND set in, and as always, I mean old habits die hard, I turned to food.

Glorious comforting food.

Here we are… M is 22 months old, I am 2 stone heavier and I feel rank.

I feel fat, I feel like my joints are occasionally protesting. I feel like my body is old before its time. I am but 25, that’s not a good age to be feeling achy due to excess weight.

According to NHS direct I am morbidly obese.

This has to change.

I want to change!

So, I mentioned to a few people how I need commitment, I hate letting people down. I can’t bare it. I have a gym buddy. One who can’t go to the gym alone. This works well. She needs company, if she asks me to go I will say yes, even if I don’t really feel up for it, I will go due to guilt and my inability to let people down.

I work with her, we have access to a free gym, it would be stupid to not take advantage.

I am excited and nervous and I am  sure I will end up having the odd bad day. This blog is going to be my journey to lose weight because I want to.

I want to feel sexy.
I want to feel my OH fancies the pants of me.
I want to go into a clothes shop and not feel embarrassed.
I want my knees to like me again and not feel so bloody achy. 
I want to feel like a proper yummy mummy!

Strap yourself in guy and girls, it’s going to be a ride and a half.


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