30 day shred day five

So if you’re really properly following y blog you can see that the shred has been on hold this weekend.

For one the weekend was manic between split shifts, being a mum and running 2 separate events there wasn’t actually time to do much else. That and I wanted my wrist to get a little better before continuing with the strength exercises and the push ups.

I was also supposed to go running on Sunday but as stated above there really wasn’t time. The OH is on 12 hour night shifts too so that has made it a little harder.

I have been feeling a bit crappy today. I am feeling big and sluggish and I have wanted to eat everything that is bad for me. I haven’t. I have stayed strong and not veered off course from my healthy eating.

Yesterday a colleague made a few weight related comments directed at me so that also got me in a low mood. I actually cried on my way home from work, which was sad as I had been so happy over my 4lb loss.

So that coupled with feeling a bit blergh today and also being due for the dreaded monthly I’ve been a bit horrid to be around.

It’s now 9.20pm and I have got my butt into gear and completed the 30 day shred level one work out. I am hot, I am sweaty, I am gross….

It’s made me feel fab! Endorphins are great. If only I had listened to the horrible PE teachers when I was in school maybe I wouldn’t have caused this mess for myself?
Anyways, I’m feeling happier for doing it, I’m finding it a little easier in as much as I can complete the bloody jumping jacks! I don’t care if 400lb people can do them Jillian they’re bloody hard.
So yes, that’s that. I am going rubbing tomorrow too. This excites me as I can just run and be thought free and just enjoy the music that I’ve compiled into my gym playlist.
Until tomorrow’s log post I bid you adieu.


Today was weigh day

Well today was weigh day. It’s been a week since I decided to get on the scales and almost died.
Today I took on the challenge again and I’ve lost weight.
Woo! I have lost 4lbs
I am ridiculously chuffed with this. I have worked hard. Although I know I could have probably worked a bit harder had I not been so bloody busy this weekend.
I’m not going to berate myself too much over it because 4lb is actually amazing!
I’m not stupid enough to think I am going to loose this amount of weight every week but it’s a bloody good step in the right direction 😀

My first injury… Of many

Oh god. I knew it would happen. I just knew it would. Idiot.
30 day shred day four was well underway, second lot of push ups… Holly mother trucking god! My wrist gave way in a spectacular fashion. It popped then crunched.
Bit of background info for you, the wrist I’ve hurt today spent 14 weeks in plaster thanks to a broken scaphoid bone and a chip on my wrist bone.
It hasn’t been right since. It’s my left hand. I am left handed. I have been planning of building up strength in it. I haven’t.
I’ve strapped it up, I couldn’t lift my weights and now I feel crappy about it. I feel like an idiot.
I was going to go running tonight and was so excited about it but now I have to work instead.
Today has been a crappy day for the exercise and I’m actually really bummed out about it 😦

30 day shred day three

Well today was day three of the work out.
OH is in days at the moment which meant so have an alarm clock blaring in my ear from 5 am, until he decides to get up at 5.20 (why he doesn’t just set the alarm for that time I will never know!) seeing as I didn’t have M at home last night I decided to get up with him and do my exercise before I had to start my non stop day of work.
This means that by 6 o’clock I was shredded.
I didn’t ache so much when I woke up today and it didn’t hurt as much as yesterday. It still hurts, my muscles definitely feel like they’re being used and abused and I’m sure they will continue to feel that way until I am used to it all.
Tomorrow is day four and I should ache a little less, but as well as it being day four, tomorrow is running day too. I may get stuck in the bath again folks.
I do feel that it is doing something though. I wish I’d taken my measurements so I could see how many inches I’m loosing.
Sunday is weigh day and I think I will be a little gutted if nothing has come off.

The photo that made it happen


Now I’m the first to admit this isn’t a good photo by any stretch. I’m also not sat properly, that sofa is incredibly comfy and sink able.

I both love and hate this photo.
Reasons I love the photo are it’s a lovely cuddly photo of me and M with my friends beautiful new baby girl.
I love this photo because M was so gentle with the new baby (after the initial shock).
It was a lovely day and it captured a nice special moment.

The reason I hate this photo? Surely it’s obvious.
Look at my size? I look huge!
I am huge.
I am a size 18/20 on top and on bottom.
I am too ashamed of my weight to post what it is, but I am going to use this photo as a reminder as to why I want to loose weight.


I have completed day two of week one training towards 5K.


That App has given me a little tick to say well done.
I tell you what, I’m loving the running.
When I lost weight last time I went running. It was nice to not think about anything. I’m finding this again now.

I am so going to do this! Don’t let me fall off the wagon.
I am currently writing this, whilst in the bath because I ******* ache! Jesus f*****g Christ so I hurt.
30 day shred and running is killing me today. But it will all be worth it! Won’t it?! Tell me it will.
If nobody sees me in the next few hours send help, I will be stuck in a tepid bath, shrivelled to hell.

30 day shred day two

Ouch. Ouch. Ouch. *limps to seat and struggles to sit* hi there *lets out groan and I managed to sit*

How are you today?
Good good that’s good to hear, how am I you ask?
Well I’m in ******* agony! Ouchie mamma!
Well they say no pain, no gain, right?
Of there is certainly pain there better bloody well be gain!
My muscles don’t actually know what to do, the scream when I stand, they scream when I sit, the scream when I move. This is good though yeah? Please tell me this is good.
Please tell me this will all be worth it? I just about managed to complete day two, thank god M (for those unfamiliar with who M is, he’s my little toddler) was in still sleeping, there were a few swear words from my mouth and it was the same intensity level as yesterday!
Jesus wept, please tell me that this gets easier that I should stick at it and I will be incredibly proud of myself.
Always a gluten for punishment do you know what I’m going to do this afternoon?!
In going to go to the gym and make myself do the second lot of running to get to 5K yup, that’s what I’m going to do because the muscle ache isn’t quite enough for me *dies*